Here at All Phase Restoration, we have had plenty of experience dealing with Denver houses. We’ve seen it all when it comes to restoration and exploring the depths of a house. Throughout this time and some research, we have found some of the most common problems with houses in Denver, Colorado that cause restoration repairs.

PB Piping

Polybutylene Piping (PB Piping) was extremely popular throughout the 70s, 80s, and even into the mid-90s. This was until it was discovered that the chlorine in the water was reacting with the water causing the PB piping to flake, fracture, and this eventually caused leaks.

A lot of homeowners do not know that they have PB piping in their house, especially if their house was built in one of the decades mentioned above. This is a problem because PB piping is no longer insurable and a lot of homeowners won’t know they have PB piping until it is too late and there is a leak.

In Colorado, it is possible for you to have a fusion of both copper and PB piping. We would highly recommend going through our water restoration services to have a professional come by and do an inspection. For PB piping, it is not a question of “if” it will leak, but “when” it will leak. Having one of our professionals come by and inspect your piping can be greatly beneficial in the long run.

Improper Drainage/Grading

One thing you will find a lot of in Colorado is plenty of basements. This makes sense because it is an efficient way to expand the square footage of your home. Be that as it may, water damage around your house’s foundation and in the basement is more common than you would think when the grading around the house was not done properly. Unsatisfactory grading lets water penetrate your basement, causing water damage.

This goes for improper draining with gutters well. Houses might have poor gutter drainage on their roofs or no gutter system at all. Having a poor or no gutter system is risky because the chances of you homeowners getting water damage from rain showers or snowmelt are much higher than with a quality gutter system.


With a quality drainage system comes an excellent roof. Denver is no stranger to hail, wind, rain, and snow. All of the elements can all affect the health of your roof, resulting in the health of your house. It is also possible that your house has a T-Lock roof. T-Lock roofs were certainly popular in Denver due to their resistance to wind. Although, you cannot find them anywhere in the market nowadays. This makes T-Lock roofs an insurance mess. These roofs cannot be repaired and must be completely replaced.

Because it is fairly rare for homeowners to be on their roof, there may be a problem that you have no idea about. This can also cause unwanted water damage. All Phase also offers roofing services as well!

Make sure you contact us for any roof inspections or grading inspections to help you save yourself from potential water damage!