As a homeowner, you want to keep your home and everything in it safe, including your family. Fire hazards ought to be a serious concern of yours. Around the home, there are dozens of potential fire hazards, even if these hazards have a low probability of actually starting a flame. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of them so that you, your spouse, and the rest of your loved ones can remain as safe as possible while in your home.

Five Fire Hazards Around Your Home

There are quite few fire hazards around your home that you may be well aware of, but in this list, All Phase Restoration will share at least five of the most common so that you need to keep an eye on. The children, pets, or other factors may cause the fire hazard to be dangerous. It’s important to reduce the chances of the fire hazard becoming a risk however possible.

#1. Candles

Candles can seasonally and emotionally boost the ambiance of your home. It can set the tone, mood, and essence of any space, as well as offer an aromatic experience that evokes memories for those who encounter the environment you’ve created. What’s more, candles are great for home decor, whether they are alight or not. However, candles are a serious fire hazard that you should keep a close eye on when their flames are dancing about and casting shadows against the walls.

#2. Smoking

Any kind of ember or open flame is a fire hazard. If the ember or flame catches the right material, it can start a small house fire. That house fire can grow into something more if not mitigated and extinguished correctly. Make sure you are disposing of smoke and ash appropriately to avoid a potential house fire.

#3. Holiday Decorations

Any decorations that expose electrical wiring, involve flames or overload outlets increase the chance of a fire. Make sure you generously spread out your outlet usage, keep your wiring as minimal as possible, and have an extinguisher nearby at all times.

#4. Fire Pit

Your outdoor oasis is a great place for your favorite beverage and some alone time;it can be a great place for a small gathering of those you love most. Follow all relevant safety guidelines related to open flames so that your fire pit does not become the catalyst to a great fire — your home.

#5. Cooking

Did you know that cooking is the number one source of house fires across the United States, causing more than $1.1 billion in repair costs? Unattended equipment and abandoned or discarded material top the chart for cooking fires causes at a combined 43 percent. The lesson here is do not leave your kitchen if you are actively cooking.


All Phase Restoration: Your Fire Damage Restoration Experts In Denver

It’s not enough to hope that your home is protected from fire hazards. You need to stay proactive in identifying and mitigating potential fire starters around your home. If your home has suffered fire damage, you’re not alone. Millions across the United States are dealing with a similar issue, and they take the active approach and call their local fire damage restoration company. All Phase Restoration serves Denver and the surrounding area. Call today to schedule your restoration appointment.