Did a pipe just burst? Has your home sustained flood damage? The best course of action when you’re dealing with water damage in your home is to mitigate the damage as much as possible. This means removing your belongings from the space, airing out the space, and making sure that the water damage does not spread to other parts of your home. You may be wondering, “How do I decide between throwing out damaged belongings and making an attempt to save them?”

At All Phase Restoration in Denver, we believe that any belongings you can quick dry in 48 hours or less have a much higher potential for being saved than other belongings that take more than 48 hours. In this post, we will share seven ways you can attempt to quick dry the water damage space and your belongings in an effort to save them.

Seven Ways To Quick Dry Water Damage

As a homeowner who is dealing with water damage, you’re frustrated. In most cases, you’re probably overwhelmed. How do you combat water damage? Here are seven ways to quick dry your home and belongings after water damage:

#1. Air The Space Out

Open the windows. Get a draft blowing through the room. See if you can get some of the moisture to ride the breeze from inside your home to the great outdoors.

#2. Set Up A Fan

If a breeze is not available to dry out the space, set up a fan or two and direct it toward an open window or door. This will push any moisture away from the space.

#3. Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will dry out the space and your belongings rather quickly. It will affect the moisture in the area directly, and it will help make an attempt at saving your belongings.

#4. Pump The Water Out

In most cases, you will want to call a professional water restoration company in Denver to pump water out of your home. Nonetheless, there are some situations where you can pump the water out of your home. The less water in the space, the quicker it will dry.

#5. Utilize A Wet/Dry Shop Vac

Whether you pumped a majority of the water from the space, or you simply need to clean up some remaining water, a wet/dry shop vacuum will help with the process. Again, remove as much of the water as possible to help it dry faster.

#6. Remove Water Damaged Items

You will want to remove all water damaged items and belongings from the space. This also helps remove moisture so that the space can dry faster. What’s tough is determine if specific belongings are able to be saved or if they need to be thrown away.

#7. Absorb Moisture

The ultimate goal of water damage clean up is to remove as much moisture as possible from the space or area. This means you want to absorb moisture and remove it.

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