Snow-covered house in front of a snowy mountain

Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property in a number of terrifyingly expensive ways. While burst pipes are a common concern come wintertime, the downpour of snow and freezing ice can cause problems just as serious, and potentially more pricey!

Burst pipes are a relatively common problem and so ways to prevent pipes from bursting are pretty common knowledge, as well: keep your house above a certain temperature, and if possible, ensure pipes are insulated. What are some good ways to help ensure your roof doesn’t collapse in the event of heavy snowfall or that ice dams don’t end up causing a leak in your roof? We at All Phase Restoration can help!

Damage from Icy Trees and Branches

Both ice and snow are relatively heavy when compared to the average load most trees and tree branches hold, and the extra weight can cause excessive damage. In extreme cases, thick branches or even whole trees can break or collapse under the load. If your house or business’s roof is in the way of the falling tree, it can sustain significant damage from the fall.

Consider pruning parts of branches or potentially problematic branches in their entirety if you’re scared that they could break off and cause damage during the winter.

Ice Damage to Your Roof

Alluded to in last year’s post on the subject, ice dams can cause significant damage to your home as ice freezes, blocking access to the gutter and trapping water from draining down and out. These dams can leave water with nowhere to go but down through your roof’s shingles and into your attic, walls, and insulation.

For those looking to protect their homes from damage, solve the problems ice causes by removing it before it has the chance to get to this stage. There are a variety of ways to remove snow from a roof, the easiest being a roof rake, which clears snow off of your roof before it has the chance to melt and form ice dams. Consider also installing heated cables in your gutters, which if properly installed can also help ice from blocking off your gutters. 

Snow on the Roof

Another reason to break out the snow rake has to do with the fact that snow can be heavy, so heavy that it can collapse existing structures. Thick, wet snow is surprisingly heavy and can stick around for an incredibly long time, especially if it is left long enough that it begins to freeze, melt and re-freeze as ice.

Although leaks are certainly a concern, enough snow can even cause your roof to buckle or collapse entirely. When storms like those that swept through Colorado late last month come around, this a real risk, and you need to be prepared. 

If This Happens to Me, What Should I Do?

Considering the constant storms buffering central and northern Colorado near our Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, and Windsor locations, you may be in need of All Phase Restoration’s skilled restoration services. Whether you are needing roofing work done or you are in need of complete reconstruction of a portion of your house or business, we can help! Contact All Phase Restoration now for all of your restoration needs in the central and northern Colorado area.