Part one of this series tackled how to tell whether a contractor offering their services was legitimate, or simply a clever disguise for someone looking to swindle you.  Part two focuses on how to avoid falling victim to more mundane scams that many more legitimate-seeming businesses may try to use to get more money out of you than what was originally agreed upon.

As always, you should research any business you decide to work with thoroughly before you sign anything. Most businesses that have a history of negative behaviors will have this reflected in their online social media reviews, so make sure to take note of any concerning trends! 

Their Costs Are Significantly Lower than Everyone Else’s

As the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” If a contractor’s price is coming in well below that of all of the other estimates you have been given, it may be time for you to find out why. It can be a sign that you may be hiring a contractor that will not put effort into the project and will leave you with a pieced-together rush job that will look ripe for replacement in half the time it would, had you gone with a more well-trusted professional.

A common scam is for a project estimate to be significantly cheaper and faster than the competition, but run into continual delays and need more materials than originally anticipated. Eventually, this backs the project up and causes it to cost much, much more than what was originally estimated. The tricky part about this is that delays do happen, and sometimes more materials are required because a contractor made a bad estimate. The key is to hone in on contractors who frequently get complaints about going over the project’s estimated date, and go over their original budget.

They Are Too Curious About Your Insurance

If you run into a contractor that asks if you have homeowner’s insurance and if a new roof would be covered in the event you need repairs, it is probably a good sign; they likely navigate the insurance process far more frequently than you do and can provide assistance to you to make sure that you are getting the most that you can from your claim in an effort to regain as much of your repair budget as you can.

If an insurance company you are working with seems far more interested in your coverage information than the scope of the project, however, that may be a sign to reexamine your willingness to work with them. If you are being told that they will pay out the cost of your deductible for you, it should be a big red flag. Some less reputable contractors will bill your insurance company for much more than they bill you, and pocket the difference. This is a form of insurance fraud and can have very serious repercussions for you even if you were unaware of what the business you contracted was up to.

You Have Trouble Getting Anything in Writing

Whenever undertaking restoration work, roofing repairs, or construction work of any kind, you should always have a record of any paperwork that you may need. This includes contracts with estimates of time and materials, applicable warranties on the finished product, correspondence with insurance companies and your contractors, and anything else related to the work being done.

If you are having trouble getting anything in writing before the project’s beginning, this should be a sign to rethink your decision about who to work with. These documents are your insurance that the project will be completed to your specification, and your leg to stand on if you ever have to go to court.

Trust the Professionals

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