As a homeowner, you’re probably aware of all the features and appliances in your home that use water, but do you know which ones could be a hazard for water damage? At All Phase Restoration, we want you to be as informed as possible so that if you need to give us a call for water damage restoration services, we can help you promptly. One of the biggest surprises to many of our past customers is the potential for their toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, or various pipes in the house to cause water damage. In most cases, the water damage from any one of these appliances or features is not severe enough to warrant a call to us; however, we want to share in this two-part blog series the top ten potential water damage hazards in your home.

Four Potential Water Damage Hazards

If you own a modern home, you probably have a bathroom, a kitchen, and, in Colorado, a basement. So what’s the big deal about knowing where potential water damage hazards exist in your home? At All Phase Restoration, we believe the more you know about your home, the better we can serve you, if ever you need to call us.

The toilet and other bathroom features

Your bathroom most likely has at least three different features that allow water into your home: sink, tub, and toilet. Two of those features have an external faucet. One feature holds a bowl of water when not in use. Furthermore, the pipes that deliver water to these features should be monitored, but we’ll get to those later. Nonetheless, the toilet is the main bathroom feature you want to keep your eye on. It’s used more than any other bathroom feature, and the pipes are more likely to leak or cause water issues over time.

Leaking air conditioner

Most homeowners have no idea that their air conditioner is leaking. Most of the time, the leak is inside the walls or ceiling, and it isn’t until months or even years later that water damage signs show through the walls. If the leak is left to cause damage over time, mold can begin to spawn.

Frozen fire sprinklers

In some cases, fire sprinkler heads do freeze, which can cause pressure buildup in the pipes as the temperature changes. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to prevent this; however, you can have your fire safety features inspected regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Leaking garbage disposal

Most homes that do have a garbage disposal in their sink also have cupboard drawers that allow access to the plumbing. This is where you may find a leaking disposal. In most cases, the leak is due to an old, rusted fitting. In other cases, the backup of food or other plumbing related issue can cause leaks.

All Phase Restoration: Avoid home water damage hazards

In the event that your home does incur water damage, All Phase Restoration is here to assist you. We specialize in water clean-up and restoration services. Our four-step process is sure to restore your home from all water damage. Are you in Windsor, Fort Collins, Denver, or Colorado Springs? Give us a call today! Otherwise, read part two of this blog series to learn more.