If you’ve lived in Colorado for any amount of time, than you’re aware of the diverse landscape, a collection of river canyons, arid deserts, and the snow-capped Rockies. Nestled up against the Rockies, overlooking the Midwest plains, Coloradans are sheltered from most disaster weather, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced their share. One would assume since Colorado is landlocked that it’s safe from tornadoes, fires, floods, and more, but that’s simply not true.

In this post, we’ll share the seven craziest natural disasters in Colorado’s history. What makes these events so important to share? At All Phase Restoration, we’re all about safety first, and we want you to be aware of the disasters you may potentially face so you can be prepared. Already faced an unfortunate event? We offer disaster restoration in Denver to fit your needs. Give us a call today. In the meantime, read on to learn more.

Seven Astounding Natural Disasters in Colorado

1884 Avalanche – Woodstock

Woodstock, Colorado was the victim to a horrendous avalanche. After taking the lives of 18 men, women, and children, the town was never rebuilt, leaving their memory buried in the snow.

1913 Blizzard – Denver

The 1913 blizzard holds the record for the largest snowfall across the state, including Denver, dropping 45-plus inches of snow. It halted all activities until the storm subsided and the snow melted.

1979 Hail Storm – Fort Collins

Hail is serious in Colorado. Back in July 1979, Fort Collins was host to a hail storm that delivered grapefruit sized chunks. Property damages were high, and a handful of people sustained minor injuries.

2002 Hayman Fire – Pike National Forest

As the largest recorded fire in Colorado history, the Hayman Fire took the lives of five firefighters, destroyed 133 homes, and damaged at least 600 structures. More than $42 million in damage accrued due to the fire.

2008 Tornado – Windsor

The 2008 tornado that ripped across Windsor created a 38 mile trail that accumulated $125 million in damages. In the event, one person fell victim, 18-wheelers were destroyed, and homes were decimated.

2011 Earthquake

In over 100 years, Colorado had yet to break the largest recorded earthquake in history. On 22 August 2011, that record was broken. A 5.3 magnitude tremor rippled across Trinidad and neighboring counties.

2013 Floods

In September 2013, a cold front stalled over Colorado, delivering a series of torrential floods until early 2014. The event took eight victims and caused more than one-billion in damage.

Why Disaster Preparation Matters

At All Phase Restoration, we’re more than a disaster restoration company serving Denver. We’re a part of the community. When it comes to natural disasters, safety is of the utmost importance, and taking the proper measures to prepare for the unexpected could mean the difference between life and death. Want to learn more about disaster preparation assessments? We can help! Nearly 40 percent of businesses that experience a disaster do not reopen. Homes that experience disaster damage have a hard time recovering. One of the reasons businesses and homes do recover is that they put together a disaster plan.

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