The summer months are the most prevalent time for hail storms here along the Front Range. Between the damage done by hail and the swift, heavy rain that usually follows, there is a higher than usual risk of damage to your roof — and, by extension, a higher risk of water damage in your home. Here’s what you need to watch for and how you can better protect your Denver home during hail season: 

The Problem With Hail

If you’ve lived in the Denver area, or anywhere across the Front Range, for any length of time, you know just how damaging hail can be. Not only can it send cracks shattering across your windshield and cause hundreds of dollars in vehicle damage, but it can also do a lot to damage your home. While your home is made of materials that are a bit stronger than your vehicle, your home is still susceptible to damage, especially if your roof or siding are older. 

Watching for Damage

When it comes to hail and rain storms, there are a couple of things you should watch for. The most obvious issue is when hail is strong enough to actually break through your roof. In these instances, you’ll be able to tell before you even step outside (assuming you have attic access). When hail is strong enough to break through your roof, you can reasonably expect water damage to soak into the ceiling below the leak. You can also anticipate water dripping down walls and damaging drywall. When a leak is large and rain comes down for a while, that water can eventually reach the floors. Since this is water dripping down from inside walls, it can be harder to handle the water damage repair and mold cleanup. If you have a major roof leak causing water damage, you’ll want to find a water damage restoration company who can handle both the water damage cleanup and the roof repairs so everything can be taken care of quickly.

The other main problem is a less obvious one. In many instances, hail can cause damage that isn’t immediately visible. Like the previous example, smaller damage can still lead to leaks. Unlike a big leak, though, you may not notice the leak until it’s been there for a while — meaning the damage will have been able to spread further. If you see things like paint bubbling or notice discolored patches on the ceiling or walls, these are signs it’s time to call professionals for water damage remediation and repairs as soon as possible! The mold and water have already had a chance to spread, so it’s best to get to the source and stop the damage as soon as possible.


Water Damage Restoration After Hail

Any time a strong hail storm sweeps through, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional. They will be able to find hail strike marks and check to ensure that the waterproofing layers of your roof remain intact. If there are signs of damage, arrange for water damage restoration and roofing repairs as soon as possible to protect your home. 

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