1. Steps to Take When You Experience Water Damage

    Water damage is a serious problem in both your home or business. When water pools in an area it isn’t supposed to, it has the capability of ruining your property and all of the contents in the area. Not only that, but it can also lead to mold growth, which is a whole other problem that will need t…Read More

  2. 3 of the Most Common Problems With Houses in Denver, CO

    Here at All Phase Restoration, we have had plenty of experience dealing with Denver houses. We’ve seen it all when it comes to restoration and exploring the depths of a house. Throughout this time and some research, we have found some of the most common problems with houses in Denver, Colorado tha…Read More

  3. Avoiding Repair & Restoration Scams — Pt. 2

    Part one of this series tackled how to tell whether a contractor offering their services was legitimate, or simply a clever disguise for someone looking to swindle you.  Part two focuses on how to avoid falling victim to more mundane scams that many more legitimate-seeming businesses may try to use…Read More

  4. Featured image of a house

    Avoiding Repair & Restoration Scams — Pt. 1

    With the severe storms that have blown through the Denver and Front Range areas of Colorado, you may be in the unenviable position of looking to restoration services for repairs in the next few months. Whether you need a new roof installed or you have water damage that may require more immediate and…Read More

  5. Snow-covered house in front of a snowy mountain

    All Phase Restoration’s Tips for Surviving Winter

    Snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property in a number of terrifyingly expensive ways. While burst pipes are a common concern come wintertime, the downpour of snow and freezing ice can cause problems just as serious, and potentially more pricey! Burst pipes are a relatively common problem and so …Read More

  6. Protecting Your Home Against Fire Damage This Summer

    Summer during Colorado usually means hot, dry days — ones that inevitably lead to wildfires across our fair state. What you may not realize is that the hot days of summer can also be a big risk for fires closer to home. There are some common summer activities that can put your home at a higher ris…Read More

  7. Your Roof and Water Damage: What to Watch For

    The summer months are the most prevalent time for hail storms here along the Front Range. Between the damage done by hail and the swift, heavy rain that usually follows, there is a higher than usual risk of damage to your roof — and, by extension, a higher risk of water damage in your home. Here…Read More

  8. The One Type of Water Damage Your Insurance Won’t Cover

    As a homeowner, you have insurance policies to cover your vehicle, life, home, and more. It’s important you understand how each of those policies actually cover you in the event of an automobile accident, an injury or death, or a flood. Do you know how your home insurance policy covers water damag…Read More