1. Protecting Your Home Against Fire Damage This Summer

    Summer during Colorado usually means hot, dry days — ones that inevitably lead to wildfires across our fair state. What you may not realize is that the hot days of summer can also be a big risk for fires closer to home. There are some common summer activities that can put your home at a higher ris…Read More

  2. Your Roof and Water Damage: What to Watch For

    The summer months are the most prevalent time for hail storms here along the Front Range. Between the damage done by hail and the swift, heavy rain that usually follows, there is a higher than usual risk of damage to your roof — and, by extension, a higher risk of water damage in your home. Here…Read More

  3. The One Type of Water Damage Your Insurance Won’t Cover

    As a homeowner, you have insurance policies to cover your vehicle, life, home, and more. It’s important you understand how each of those policies actually cover you in the event of an automobile accident, an injury or death, or a flood. Do you know how your home insurance policy covers water damag…Read More

  4. Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage?

    Did you know that home water damage claims are the most common? Depending on your insurance policy, your water damage may or may not be covered. It can be devastating to find out that the mold that’s been growing in your walls due to a leaking pipe isn’t covered by your home insurance. That's wh…Read More

  5. What If Sewage Floods My Home?

    A sewage flood is dangerous for your home and your family. Water is rated on a toxicity scale, and tainted water from sources like sewage and other chemical runoff are some of the most dangerous to encounter. If your home has flooded with sewage water, you want to evacuate the general area of the fl…Read More

  6. Why DIY Water Cleanup Services Cost You More

    When it comes to water cleanup services, you need to call the water restoration professionals at All Phase Restoration in Denver. A flooded business, whether from a storm or pipe bursting, is a costly expense that you don’t want to clean up incorrectly. In fact, a DIY water damage cleanup tends to…Read More

  7. 5 Residential Fire Hazards That Threaten Your Home

    As a homeowner, you want to keep your home and everything in it safe, including your family. Fire hazards ought to be a serious concern of yours. Around the home, there are dozens of potential fire hazards, even if these hazards have a low probability of actually starting a flame. Nonetheless, you n…Read More

  8. 6 Surprising Ways Ice And Snow Can Cause Water Damage

    Inclement weather tends to challenge homeowners and their bank accounts. You wake up one morning and there is two feet of snow on the ground that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. You dig your car out of the snow to get to work, but you fail. Trudging back inside, you plan on calling work to let th…Read More